Get Better At Inductive Reasoning Tests

Inductive Tests

Inductive reasoning is based around patterns and is another variation of the many psychometric tests used by employers as a way to determine the suitability of a candidate for their roles. On a similar level to diagrammatic reasoning, inductive reasoning will assess your ability to apply logic and rationale to

What are In Tray Exercises?

In-Tray Exercises

Whilst the in tray exercise is a popular assessment activity which employers use to evaluate the skills of applicants in a workplace situation, it’s not uncommon to wonder what are In Tray exercises. Within these exercises, candidates will be presented with a given scenario, along with a set of tasks

Introduction to Aptitude Tests

aptitude test image

Aptitude tests are short tests which employers use to assess whether a candidate has the level of competency necessary for success in the role: do they have the skills necessary to do the job. Broadly speaking there are three types of aptitude tests: Verbal reasoning tests which assess your ability

Situational Judgement Test Guide + 4 Practice Questions, Answers, Expert Tips

Situational Judgement Tests

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are an extremely interesting family of psychometric tests which examine the way that you think about and approach specific situations. They aim to replicate the ambiguity that is often found within the workplace and explore how you respond to it. There are a number of generic